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Guam Sunset Timelapse

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Clouds don’t tend to be the best friend of an astrophotographer, but they do make for an interesting Guam sunset timelapse. Here I try my hand at a panning day to night timelapse. This was taken over the course of 3 hours from my balcony in Guam. As a first attempt, I think it turned out ok. Next time I think I’ll use an even smaller aperture to bring out the starburst effect of the sun even more and slowly widen it as it gets dark.

Ran the whole thing through Adobe Lightroom to adjust colors, exposure, slight noise reduction, etc. Then output as a “slide show” using templates and instructions from this guy’s video:

Create Timelapses in Lightroom

Saved me over a $120 from buying the LRTimelapse plugin that you see everywhere. That really wasn’t needed at all. The template files ARE required though since LR only wants to output a slide show at 1 fps by default. The guy in the video link above has templates that will output at several different framerates including 24 fps which this used.

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